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College of Agriculture Nagaur  Agriculture University, Jodhpur

Foundation of COA, Nagaur under Agriculture University, Jodhpur was laid down based on the point 77 of 2015-16 budget declared by that time CM. Currently, first to fourth year B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture course and Post-graduation in Food Technology classes are running and 175 students are studying here. COA, Nagaur has its own building and other basic infrastructure facility. University has filled most of the teaching and non-teaching posts in the current academic year. However, guest faculties are engaged to teach courses for whom faculty is not available so that teaching can go smoothly.

Intake capacity : 50 (B.Sc.)
Entrance of Students : through JET entrance test
Present Address : Bikaner Road, Near New JLN Hospital, Nagaur
Phone Number : 01582247525, 9462106525 (O)
Email address :

Programs and Courses :-

B.Sc. (Hons.) Ag. 50 seats
M.Sc. - Food Technology 2 seats

Objectives :-

  • To provide quality education both in terms of theory and practical as well.
  • Overall development of the students.
  • To provide opportunities for higher education.
  • To provide students congenial environment for competitive exams.
  • To develop students as good citizens and better administrator.

Basic infrastructure facilities :-

  1. Total budget sanctioned for the building in first phase was  1100.00 lacs and estimated budget in second phase is 1200.00 lacs.
  2. MoU was signed between RSRDC & AU, Jodhpur for complete construction related work.
  3. Size of Building: 77.28m width and 125.53m length
  4. Total Plinth area of building: 4165 sq. m
  5. Building details- Building is designed as per weather and double wall with heat resistant thermo insulated sheet were placed in between outer walls which protect from heat waves and maintain temperature.
  6. Administrative block- Porch size 11.38x9.50m, Waiting hall size 10.63x13.18m, Visitor chambers 7.50x7.43m, Dean Chamber 9.63x7.50m, PA room 7.0x4.0m, Conference Hall 12.10x7.40m size
  7. Admission office- Two office size 9.60x7.50m and 7.0x3.60m
  8. Asst. Registrar Chamber-size 7.0x3.60m and cashier room 7.0x4.0m
  9. Class room – Total 8 classrooms, 4 on ground floor and 4 on 1st floor. Size of each class room is 7.50x11.40m
  10. Computer laboratories- 2 computer labs of 7.50x13.40m
  11. Laboratory- Total 7 labs, 4 on ground floor and 3 on 1st floor. Size of each lab is 11.40x7.50m with one storage and one sitting room of 3.67x3.67m size.
  12. Tutorial rooms- Total 10 tutorial rooms, 3 on ground floor and 7 on 1st floor. Size of each room is 7.50x7.50m
  13. Seminar Hall- One on ground floor and one on 1st floor. Size of each is 11.46x7.50m
  14. Student common room- One for girls and one for boys & size of each is 7.50x5.67m
  15. NCC room- Size is 4.63x7.50m with rifle chamber
  16. Staff common room- One on each floor- Size 3.67x7.67m
  17. Exam Hall- One exam hall with size of 15.32x11.60m
  18. Departments- Total 8 departments in which 2 on ground floor and 6 on 1st floor where chamber size varies as per designation of the faculty as-
    • Professor Chamber- Size 3.60x7.0m with attach PA chamber (4.60x3.10m)
    • Assoc. Prof. Chamber- Sitting 2 Assoc. Prof in a chamber of size 4.0x7.0m
    • Asst. Prof. Chamber- Sitting 4 Asst. Prof in a chamber of size 7.50x7.0m
    • One store with each department
  19. Library facility available with the size of 18.72x11.80m.
  20. Total 56 Professor, Assoc. Prof. and Asst. Prof. can be accommodate in 8 departments
  21. Roof water harvesting is ensured with total 5.00 lacs litre storage capacity.
  22. Provision for CCTV camera in every class room
  23. 120 kw solar panel established on the roof of the building.
  24. 6 side entry gate with ramp for differentially able persons.

Other Facilities :-

    1. Playground of football and cricket were developed for the students of college.
    2. College provide high speed internet facility to the students.
    3. Various laboratories were established to conduct practicals for the students.
    4. Advance technology of teaching through LCD and Smart classes.
    5. Ramp facility for differentially abled persons.
    6. Well-equipped library consisting of various books for their better understanding of the subject.

    Staff of College of Agriculture, Nagaur

    S.No. Name Designation
    1 Dr. Mahesh Kumar Poonia Dean, Associate Professor (Horticulture)
    2 Sh. Kan Singh Rathore Associate Professor (Extension Education)
    3 Dr. Hansa Lakhran Assistant Professor (Agronomy)
    4 Dr. Nisha Chaudhary Assistant Professor (Food Technology)
    5 Dr. Rekha Sodani Assistant Professor (Plant Physiology)
    6 Dr. Manju Kumari Assistant Professor (Plant Pathology)
    7 Dr. Ishwar Singh Assistant Professor (Genetics and Plant Breeding)
    8 Dr. Vikash Pawariya Assistant Professor (Agricultural Economics)
    9 Mr. Shakti Singh Bhati Assistant Professor (Nematology)
    10 Miss. Vandna Lab. Assistant
    11 Mrs. Kanya Lab. Assistant
    12 Mr. Girdhari Lal Agriculture Supervisor
    13 Mr. Premraj Meena Lab. Assistant
    14 Mr. Ratan Lal choudhary Lab. Assistant
    15 Miss Rekha Kumawat Clerk Grade –II
    16 Sh. Bhanwara Ram Choudhary Driver
    17 Mr. Praveen Kumar Driver

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