Research Projects

  1. At ARS, Mandor
  • AICRPs: 75% (ICAR) & 25% (State)
    • All India Coordinated Research Project on Sesame & Niger
    • All India Coordinated Research Project on Castor
    • All India Co-ordinated Research Network on Potential Crops
    • CSS on Spices Development under NHM, DASD, Calicut
  • 100% ICAR
    • Project Coordinating Unit, All India Coordinated Pearl Millet Improvement Project
  • State Govt.
    • Non-plan/NARP/Moth/Bajra and all important crops of the zone not covered in AICRPs
  1. At ARS, Keshwana, Jalore: Non-plan (State Govt.)
  2. At ARSS, Sumerpur, Pali: Non-plan (State Govt.)
  3. At ARSS, Nagaur: Non-plan (State Govt.)
  4. At ARSS, Samdari, Barmer: Non-plan (State Govt.)